Executive Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Who can live without decaf? Certainly not the 80s executive who makes their morning cup of tea the highlight of their day. A quick swipe of our Loose Leaf Tea Infuser, and you’ll be “turning on the tube” with a lit series of uplifting rubbish in no time. The Loose Leaf Tea Infuser is useful for all tea leaves, loose or bagged (you have to rip the bags open, but be careful not to spill tea dust everywhere). You’ll also have easy access to your preferred drink’s flavour with our Loose Leaf Tea Infuser’s stainless steel coated shiny metal construction. No need for a quick sip to check for the subtle changes in taste. The Loose Leaf Tea Infuser is completely reusable. Say goodbye to your double-dipping.

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Size: 150*50*50mm/5.91*1.97*1.97″
Weight: 18g
Material: Food grade stainless steel with coloured coatings

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