Sleepy Joe Chamomile Tea


The very opposite of the bracing super-caffeinated morning cup of ‘Joe’, our Sleepy Joe Tea is not only caffeine-free but is so profoundly relaxing it can overcome the insomniac’s worst fear: becoming over-tired. That is: tired but wired. If your mind races and you never settle, if you get into an argument with your duvet and need to chill, the chamomile flowers in Sleepy Joe Tea are a natural remedy. Chamomile flowers are just about the most pleasant way of being rendered unconscious there is. It’s a soft sponge steamroller of doziness – an irresistible, overwhelming, benevolent salve for your soul. Have a cup of this within easy reach of soft furnishings and you’ll be OK.

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Spirit: Relaxing, soothing, antioxidants
Bag weights: 250g, 500g, 1kg
Type of tea: Chamomile flowers

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