Here’s a great way of getting your hands on a stash of I Love Decaf for nothing and a little bit of effort…

Take some pics of you drinking, making, enjoying I Love Decaf in your own home or office, plus one or two of I Love Decaf coffee in your own mugs on your own table.

We want to see I Love Decaf out in the wild. You don’t have to be one of the beautiful people sipping coffee and raising an eyebrow* at the same time looking all svelte and sophisti-micated in front of some moodily backlit venetian blinds. In fact, please don’t.

Or those men in linen jackets that look like cut-price Man from Del Monte types, face-snorting the beans and smooching hessian sacks. We want none of that, thank you.

Just you and yours making, drinking and enjoying I Love Decaf. We’ll feature the best and reward you with a month’s-worth of free coffee (1kg should do it).

Reply to this email with your pictures**:

In return, we’ll send you a coupon code for £25 worth of coffee (or tea). It can only be used if you’ve sent us some pictures of a minimum quality***:

*Nobody can raise an eyebrow while sipping hot coffee without dribbling down their chins.

**By sending your pictures, you authorise us to use them for marketing purposes. They will not be sold. You will only be granting I Love Decaf Ltd a commercial licence to use them as required to sell tea and coffee, and for no other purpose. We promise not to deface your images or use Instagram filters.

***Definition of minimum quality: You’re drinking and/or making I Love Decaf coffee. We need to see your face and one/some/all the emotion/s that come with drinking the stuff. Blurred images won’t be accepted.


David – Founder

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