Why the best decaf coffee is the only one you want to drink.

We don’t need to tell you that coffee is one of the greatest and most popular drinks in the world. In fact, in the UK we drink almost 100 million cups a day. A day! And you wonder why the bathroom at work is so busy?

Decaf coffee for aficionados

For seasoned cofficianados, the positive effects of coffee are well known. Coffee, they say, helps you concentrate, provides you with a boost of energy, and may also increase your lifespan. They are talking about regular coffee, but most of it applies to decaf too. 

There’s plenty of evidence, by the way, that the energy boost and concentration that caffeine supposedly provides only really applies if you are craving caffeine in the first place.  For purposes of health, decaf coffee supplies all the antioxidants and phenols that its grown up addictive brother gives you, without needing another fix in a few hours.

Decaf coffee: no great shakes

You know that drinking too much coffee can get you jittery, give you headaches, anxiety or make you nauseous. Four cups a day of regular Joe could make you unable to walk around with a cup and saucer without sounding like a crockery cupboard in an earthquake zone.

Guess what? You can have your favourite coffee with much less caffeine – up to 99% less – and never notice the difference in taste, because decaf coffee has come a long, long way in the last few years.

Decaf coffee: the benefits of cutting caffeine

You should always head to a doctor if you want specific medical advice about caffeine, but ff you want to all but eliminate caffeine from your life, it’s time to get yourself a decaf coffee.

There are many different options, but coffee lovers are often disappointed switching from their favourite brand to the decaf version of their favourite brand. At I Love Decaf, we only sell decaf coffee and tea and have a variety of decaffeinated products to choose from. As far as decaf coffee goes, we sell it in every conceivable grind from whole beans to fine ground. 

Ground Zero: the secret of I Love Decaf coffee

Remember, we only sell decaf – our roasters start from first principles and get the very best from our beans. Our roasters believe, and we agree, that I Love Decaf coffee is among the best coffees – caf or decaf you can get. We’ve done the grind for you, so to speak, so now make some quality coffee with our best decaf coffee.

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