Inca Gold Organic Decaf Coffee Pods (Swiss Water, Sustainable & Fairtrade)

Say goodbye to mass-manufactured pods despair and hello to handmade and packed Swiss Water Inca Gold Organic Decaf Coffee Pods that’s also Fairtrade. This isn’t your average chemical-free full-bodied decaf coffee, it’s like finding treasure in every mug. Made from the finest sustainable Peruvian single origin beans, each sip is like striking gold. Warning: Do not store under any rainbow. Pack of 28.


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Body: 4/5
Roast: 3/5
Type: Pack of 28
Ingredients: 100% decaf coffee beans (no nuts)

  • 220 YEARS OF PASSION: Grown at high altitude among the rainforests of Peru. They keep 90% of their coffee to themselves and export the rest with tears in their eyes
  • PROUDLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND FAIRTRADE: Need we say more? Oh, it’s medium roasted and ground to perfection and makes a medium-full body drink
  • PREMIUM DECAFFEINATION METHOD: 99.99% of the caffeine is removed using the Swiss Water method. They don’t just make clocks and dodgy bank accounts
  • DON’T SACRIFICE TASTE WITH CHEAPER DECAF BEANS: This MEDIUM ROAST FULL BODIED coffee is not rich so much as it is worth its weight in gold, as well as being stuffed with praline chocolate notes
  • MONEY-BACK PROMISE: First time customers not delighted with the taste get their money back or a different decaf to try

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Organic Swiss Water

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