No Nasties Half Decaf Organic Coffee

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Simply put: Inspiration without the comedown. Our blenders have blown us away with this delicious blend of Honduran Organic and Fairtrade certified chemical-free Swiss Water decaf beans, and handpicked single origin Nicaraguan caffeinated luxury. This is the unexpected marriage of two amazing coffees which are more than the sum of their parts. The cocoa praline and orange notes add up to a delectable choice for anyone who just wants half the caffeine and all the taste.

BeansGroundFine Ground
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Beware: This decaf/caffeinated 50/50 blend.
Body: 3/5
Roast: 3/5
Bag weights: 250g, 500g, 1kg
Type of coffee: Beans, Ground, Fine Ground
Ingredients: 100% decaf coffee bean (no nuts)

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26 reviews for No Nasties Half Decaf Organic Coffee

  1. Max

    Amazing taste. Loving your blends and your quirky branding. Glad I found you, my new favorite coffee store!

  2. Zibiah Tarah

    I was in the mood for some good coffee, so I ordered a half-decaf coffee. I thought it would be too bitter, but instead it had a nice flavour. The taste was slightly different than what I’m used to, with hints of cocoa and orange, but not by much.

  3. Dinah


  4. Drusilla Carmel

    Frankenstein Monster Decaf coffee is the perfect blend of sweet and fruity with a rich body that you crave in your day to day life.

  5. Zibiah Myth

    I’m trying to cut back or give up caffeine. This works great.

  6. Stephen park

    I’ve been drinking this coffee for about two weeks now, and I can’t go back.

  7. Zina john

    You know you’re in for a treat with this coffee. I don’t know why they call it Frankenstein, though. It tastes just like high quality coffee that is at the same time boozy and robust.

  8. Henry Johnson

    Wow this is certainly mashed up! I had to check the label as I could not believe this was not full caffeinated coffee! Thanks for helping me to be healthier and yet a strong flavour.

  9. Jael Peter

    I tried the coffee and I couldn’t believe the notes.

  10. Eunice Eden

    When I wake up in the morning at six o’clock, I drink a glass of water so that it will take some time for my body to process the coffee. Once that’s done, I need to drink a full pot before going out and never know what the day is going to bring.

  11. Felix Elon

    I love the Frankenstein because I no longer have to worry about going grim reaper; which is especially helpful in the morning when I need my coffee buzz but don’t want to be too alert.

  12. Jude joseph

    My doctor recommended I go to half decaf coffee and this little gem has let me enjoy my old favorite with a little less of the caffeine. The taste is still just as good and it’s helped me save a bit on costs. It is hands down one of the best decisions I have made in terms of my health.

  13. tom holland

    I always am looking for ways to cut back on caffeine. Somehow I read about this Half Decaf coffee and soon fell in love with the idea. It goes great with my morning routine and it saves me some hard earned money.

  14. jason statham

    I like this coffee because it is delicious and has a lot of flavour yet I am not getting the caffeine buzz that I get from my other coffee. It allows me to drink my favourite kinds of coffee without any headaches or making me jittery.

  15. Esau harry

    I had never tried coffee without caffeine before until I met my wife and she introduced me to a cup of her homemade drink. The taste is so much better than the supermarket brands, and it actually has no caffeine in it!

  16. Uriel holland

    The half decaf coffee has been a life saver. I stay hydrated and caffeinated with this mix.

  17. Nicodemus

    I find that this decaf coffee is a better choice for me personally. I don’t get the really jittery, “racing heart” feeling like I used to and I feel as though my sleep cycle has normalized since drinking this.

  18. Myra Jason

    I had not had coffee in years, which is a bit strange considering I used to drink it all the time. So when someone mentioned a new process that would remove caffeine from chemical-free I decided to try some. Nice.

  19. Nathan Mark

    Frankenstein’s Half Decaf coffee is the perfect work-time coffee. I’m now able to drink my morning fix with reduced amounts of caffeine and not feel “off”. This coffee provides high quality crema.

  20. Orpah Naomi

    I am in love with this coffee! I drink it every night now. It has been amazing for my sleeplessness and helped me chill out when my anxiety kicks in. The taste is heaven to me, always on the lookout for a good brew.

  21. Sapphira John

    I would like to say that I love this coffee. I don’t drink a lot of caffeine, and this means it’s a perfect fit for me. Full-on caffeine drinkers can adjust their levels of caffeine on the fly which is also convenient.

  22. John Demetrius

    I have a very hectic life. And usually I have to skip on my coffee to stay focused at work. But with Frankenstein Monster Half Decaf Coffees, I can still have the great taste and flavour of coffee without the caffeine, which is perfect for my schedule.

  23. Cyrus Caleb

    Frankenstein Coffee has been my go-to when I’m feeling like I need a mental boost but the caffeine would be more than an energy kick. It’s delicious, customizable, and is so much better for you! Every other cup of coffee tastes bland in comparison!

  24. Orpah Stephan

    I’m a college student that needs a decaf during finals week and I stumbled across ‘Frankenstein Monster’ from my roommate’s coffee maker, it was pretty much all I needed. Delicious, refreshing and coffee-y without the crazy jitters. I’m going to double up on my orders next time because this is great for people looking to drink decaf that also like some caffeine in their life – or as an after dinner treat if you’re trying to cut back

  25. David Daniel

    I’m a big coffee drinker and I don’t want to be up all day with caffeine. In the past, this would mean black coffee which is just not that good. Now I just brew two cups, one for me and one for my husband who needs to cut caffeine. He drinks this with decaf beans in it. It’s so yummy.

  26. Huldah Jewel

    I recently picked up a bag of this coffee at the store and this is by far one of the tastiest cups of dark roast that I’ve had in ages. It’s got a great kick, without being completely overwhelming. I can’t wait to experience the pleasant bonuses of being less on edge, or having more energy when it’s time for some tough work.

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