Discount Bulk Buy Decaf Coffee:

A kilo or more.

2kg beans for your office?

5kg ground for an event?

10kg beans for your coffee shop?

The more you buy, the better the price and over £80 you get FREE SHIPPING

We cater for every bulk buy, just get in touch if you don’t see what you’re looking for

If you want to buy in a month’s worth or more because the supermarket sells rubbish decaf, this is the place

What’s better than bags of personality? Big bags of personality, that’s what. Bulk-buying means you don’t have to pick up a mini sad-sack of supermarket decaf when you do the weekly shop. When you buy in bulk, you’ll get a much better price and save on shipping too.

Discount on bulk-buy decaf coffee 2kg or more to serve a workspace, office or shop.

Just add 10BULKBUY to the checkout if you’re buying more than £45 worth of coffee at a time. If you are buying more than £80 worth, you get 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING if you use this code at the checkout: 10FREEPOST

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Save money by the sack.