Luxe Organic Swiss Water Honduran Decaf Coffee

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A brew from the Central American home of beautiful coffee for over 220 years, our organic, Fairtrade, chemical-free Swiss Water decaf method coffee grown at high altitude among the rain forests of Honduras is not rich so much as it is luxe, stuffed with praline chocolate notes. This is a serious brew for coffee aficionados, which is why Hondurans keep 90% of their coffee to themselves and export the rest with tears in their eyes. Lest we forget our brew is 99.99% free of caffeine.

BeansGroundFine Ground
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Body: 4/5
Roast: 3/5
Bag weights: 250g, 500g, 1kg
Type of grind: Beans, Ground, Fine Ground
Ingredients: 100% decaf coffee beans (no nuts)

  • 220 YEARS OF PASSION: Grown at high altitude among the rainforests of Honduras. Hondurans keep 90% of their coffee to themselves and export the rest with tears in their eyes
  • PROUDLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND FAIRTRADE: Need we say more? Oh, it’s medium roasted and ground to perfection and makes a medium-full body drink
  • PREMIUM DECAFFEINATION METHOD: 99.99% of the caffeine is removed using the Swiss Water method. They don’t just make clocks and dodgy bank accounts
  • DON’T SACRIFICE TASTE WITH CHEAPER DECAF BEANS: This MEDIUM ROAST coffee is not rich so much as it is LUXE, stuffed with praline chocolate notes
  • MONEY-BACK PROMISE: First time customers not delighted with the taste get their money back or a different decaf to try

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28 reviews for Luxe Organic Swiss Water Honduran Decaf Coffee

  1. Penny Tomai

    I’ve been looking for organic decaf coffee I can buy in big bags for ages. Strong lovely taste. Cool brand. Anyone who’s serious about coffee won’t be disappointed.

  2. Peter Parker

    This decaffeinated coffee is the best I’ve ever had. I discovered it when I moved to Japan and it really helped with my jet lag issues.

  3. Noah Paul

    My favourite coffee to date. This coffee is a treat that is easy on your palate and easy on the wallet. It has an amazing rich taste and leaves you feeling ‘decaffeinated’. I was very impressed with the packaging it came in as well.

  4. Amina Saleem

    I’ve been a coffee drinker for a long time, but have always had to switch to decaf after the babies were born. I really hated all the regular decaf options and just about gave up on my routine. But then I tried Luxe Organic Swiss Water Decaff and I’m never going back. Since I started drinking it, we’ve saved a lot of money and don’t have to worry about caffeine at night.

  5. Joseph

    I made my first cup of Luxe coffee this morning and all I have to say is YUM!

  6. Abel Abraham

    I used to be able to drink coffee until I changed jobs and started working from home. Working from home can get a little boring, so I was really excited when my wife told me about Luxe Coffee. It’s the only decaf coffee you can buy that doesn’t make you just want to go back to coffee. The flavour is delightful and it keeps me going throughout the day. Luxe coffee has honestly changed my life.

  7. Nathan Mark

    I love coffee. Coffee can be even better when it’s organic, fair trade and decaf, but what really makes it the best is when I know that the coffee beans are fair trade, grown in an environment that provides resources and education to its inhabitants. This Honduran decaf coffee is exactly that. One of the best coffees I’ve had thus far.

  8. Hannah Gabriel

    I’ve never had decaffeinated coffee much before, I always thought that those that were drinking it must not have the stamina for a regular cup of joe. However, I had heard about these beans from a friend, and gave them an honest try. I’m happy to say it was unpleasant in no way! Play your cards right and enjoy coffee again!

  9. Pete Bowen

    Organic. Fairtrade. Not expensive for a coffee of this calibre. This is a winner.

  10. Omar Khan

    I really love this coffee. You can really taste the difference from other brands, it has a richer flavour. It’s also perfect for those who don’t want that usual caffeine boost.

  11. Alexandra

    I heard about the holistic process this coffee went through and had to try it. It is amazing how much fresher it tastes. I’ve never liked decaf before, but this really changed my opinion on them.

  12. Deborah Anna

    I usually try coffee, but some brands I am allergic to. I tried this brand and found that it doesn’t trigger any symptoms. I love everything about it: the taste and the rich aroma.

  13. Jason

    It tastes amazing, who knew coffee could taste like chocolate. I’m now beginning to experiment with a range of different flavours and roasts.

  14. Matthew Joel

    I know when I’m in a dire need of caffeine but can’t have caffeinated beverages. This coffee tastes amazing and I love that it is organic!

  15. Ezekiel Gabriel

    I just wanted to share with you about your coffee. I’m hooked on this stuff! It’s rich and so flavourful! I get a nice even caffeine all day, no crashes from the early morning, and it tastes wonderful!!!!

  16. Jezebel Isaac

    I first tried this coffee when I took it on holiday. It is probably one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in years. It has had a real placebo effect on my life.

  17. Jesus Anna

    Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too was WRONG! I love my coffee but I also love sleeping, so I am happy to have found LUXE Organic Coffee. The best of both worlds!

  18. Freddy Franklin

    Would not know this was decaff, great to have good tasting coffee again, will def order again.

  19. Delilah

    This is my work-laptop beverage. I can drink it all day and not get that heavy caffeine crash. It smells beautiful, has depth, and there aren’t any grating acidic tones.

  20. Bathsheba

    Lately my son has been relying on convenience food and sugar drinks to get him through school. I was really happy when I discovered what had become of him and that he would be given a chance to enjoy better tasting food with the Tropikroasts dessert. It’s delicious, it tastes great, there are so many different flavours, not just chocolate. Lastly, this is so much healthier than any convenient food.

  21. Ishmael

    I’m quickly becoming obsessed with Luxe Organic Decaf Coffee! It has a rich flavour that melts in your mouth and give you a blissful caffeine-free energy boost during the day. I live for it!

  22. Joshua

    Ordered from Luxe Coffee for the first time. The process was so efficient and ordering was easy. I received an immediate confirmation of my order by e-mail, shipment notification and tracking. The coffee remains extremely fresh and tastes delicious.

  23. Andrew

    Coffee is my life Up until a few months ago, I had never had the opportunity to try this brew. Now I don’t know anything else. The taste is exquisite and makes me feel great. My mind flows with all sorts of ideas, as if it’s me who’s imbibing.

  24. Bethany

    I’ve been a coffee lover for as long as I can remember, but I became a TOTAL coffee fanatic since finding the Luxe Organic Swiss Water Honduras Decaf Coffee. I relish the amazing flavour and aroma of my daily cup. I’m a total convert!

  25. Harper Lois

    I am really impressed with your coffee. It is by far the best decaf I have drunk, and it has helped me tremendously. Thank you.

  26. Bartholomew

    I live a semi-inactive lifestyle and I need my coffee without all the jitters. Before I found Luxe Organic Swiss Water Honduran Decaf Coffee, I had to drink instant decaf which didn’t taste nearly as good, and was such a task to make. Now I just add this in my coffee, perfect!

  27. Marcus Paul

    An absolutely blissful cup of coffee. Probably some of the best decaf I’ve had and the taste definitely reminds me of a the type of crepes that they serve in Europe.

  28. Lucas

    I’ve been drinking coffee for about 10 years now and I think that this might be my new favourite. Whenever I was at my parents’ house and there was only Folgers left in the cabinet, I’d drink it just because it was there. But now that I can light a candle, pour myself this coffee and enjoy, I’ve never wanted to go back.

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