Why the Top 3 Decaf Teas at I Love Decaf are the Best You Can Get Anywhere


When you’re looking for a great cup of decaf tea, there are many to choose from. We’ve sipped all sorts of decaf tea in our time, but it’s hard to find one that will refresh and energize without compromising on the taste.

In this article, we will take a look at three of our favourites, and give you tips on how to choose the perfect one for your needs. 

It turns out that choosing our favourite top 3 I Love Decaf decaf teas wasn’t as difficult as it could have been. Choosing the best three is simple when we only do the best three you can get.

1. Sheba’s Small and Large Leaf Best Decaf Tea

If you’re looking for a quality decaf tea that with excellent, malty notes that make it perfect for a refined breakfast tea experience, Sheba Large and Small Leaf Teas are the perfect option for you.

We offer our rich, powerful and golden brews in small and large leaf styles. And like all our decaf tea, we use only the finest quality leaves.

Our decaf teas are perfect for people who want to reduce their caffeine intake or for those who are trying to avoid caffeine altogether. Not only that, but we always insist that taste is the most important consideration with decaf tea.

Our teas are delicious and will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

If you’re looking for the perfect decaf tea, look no further than Sheba’s Best. Choose from large leaf and small leaf variations.

2. Lancashire Black Decaf Tea

Lancashire Black Decaf Tea is a delicious black tea that is perfect for those who are looking for a decaf option. Its name is a nod to a famous brand from the county next door, but our decaf is better than theirs.

Lancashire Black Decaf Tea is a straight Ceylon Leaf  – the finest black tea from Sri Lanka and is decaffeinated using the high quality CO2 process. This decaf tea is great for those who want to enjoy a delicious cup of strong tea but don’t want the caffeine.

It is also perfect for people who are looking for an alternative to regular black tea.

If you are looking for a delicious decaf tea option, try our Lancashire Black.

3. New English Breakfast Brew Decaf Tea

If you’re looking for an excellent decaf tea, look no further than I Love Decaf. Our English Breakfast Brew Decaf Tea is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a delicious and healthy cup of decaf tea.

This decaf tea is sourced from a single Kilkotagiri estate Nilgiri black tea in Tamil Nadu, its healthy leaves, with their smoky and oak notes, are perfectly captured in this decaffeinated black tea using a chemical-free method.

It’s also ethically and sustainably sourced. It delivers the same great flavour and health benefits as a regular English Breakfast Brew, but it’s also much lower in caffeine so is therefore ideal for those who are concerned about their caffeine intake.

Our decaf teas are available in a variety of weights, so you can choose the perfect option for your needs. We also offer a variety of other great teas, so be sure to check out our website for more information.

I Love Decaf Tea Promise

At I Love Decaf, we know that decaf is a popular choice for many people. That’s why we make sure that our teas are top quality and the best decaf around. We like to think we put the Love into Decaf.

Our promise to you is this: If you’re not happy with the taste of your brew, get in touch and we will refund you or send you another tea to taste.

Every tea we sell at I Love Decaf is decaffeinated using the most advanced technology available. We take great care in ensuring that our teas are free from caffeine, not just as a health choice but also because it’s the right thing to do.

We hope you enjoy our selection of our top three decaf teas!

The Best Instant Decaf Coffee is the One You Don’t Have to Drink

Approximately half of the coffee grown in the world is produced to make instant coffee. It’s tempting to believe that this fact may be at the root of all the world’s misery, not least because instant coffee, decaf and caffeinated, is both an abomination and an affront to the senses. 

An early version of instant, known as Essence of Coffee, was produced briefly for soldiers during the American Civil War and was said to have had the consistency of axle grease. As the French – who can tell you a thing or two about coffee, often without being asked – would say plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The more that things change, the more they stay the same. Essence of Coffee was rapidly discontinued, owing to popular demand. It probably helped that its customers were heavily armed.

Less than a century later, during the Second World War, instant coffee had become ever-so-slightly less revolting, and it was American GIs who popularised it wherever they were stationed. The upshot is that, in Britain, instant accounts for three quarters of all coffee sold. That compares to 10% in the US and France and just 1% in Italy.

Fast forward another 80 years and you would think that, with all the advances in drinks tech over the decades, the best decaf instant coffee would at least be passable, but no.

Best decaf instant i love decaf

Instant decaffeinated is best avoided

When you consider the pains that the growers, the roasters and blenders go to in selecting varieties of beans to grow and methods of roasting, fine-balancing tastes and textures along the way, it does seem absurd to then throw all of that into an industrial process that values quantity over quality. The best instant decaf is bound to be a shadow of its former self. 

Another thing to consider is that instant coffee production is more carbon intensive than simple ground coffee, a fact that the multinational food companies that control almost all the instant coffee market, conveniently omit from their green-wash eco-babble. Ignore all the Aztec and Mayan imagery and sustainability messages printed on plasticized labels and just drink better coffee instead.

Kick the instant habit

In a world where everything seems to be on-demand and instant, we have got used to streaming music and entertainment almost instantly. We’ve gained a lot of convenience but lost some of what makes music and film so special. In the case of coffee, deferred gratification is always better. Serious academic papers have felled a few trees to conclude that the ability to delay gratification can improve a host of other positive outcomes, including academic success, physical health, psychological health, and social competence. It turns out that patience is a virtue, after all. In other words, a simple cafetiere or pour-over reusable filter is not only easy to use but gets you the best decaf coffee and gets it quick. It may not be instant, but considering the care, craft and ability of the growers, roasters and blenders, three minutes of brewing in your kitchen is not only more sustainable, better for your wellbeing and tastier, but also pretty damn quick.

Funny Tea Infusers – The Silliest Ones on the Planet

Do You Want to See Some Funny Tea Infusers?

If you’re in the market for a new tea infuser, why not choose one that’s fun and funny? You can find infusers in all shapes and sizes, and many of them are quite silly. From animals to characters to food items, there’s something for everyone. We’ve put together a list of the funniest and silliest tea infusers on the planet.

1. What makes a good tea infuser?

When looking for a good tea infuser, you want one that will allow the flavours of the leaves to disperse through the filter, while preventing any bits from doing the same. You also want one that is easy to clean and will improve your mood during the day. Some infusers are more funny than others or more disgusting.

2. How to choose the right infuser for your tea and coffee needs?

When it comes to choosing the right tea infuser for your needs, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to decide what type of tea you want to brew. Loose-leaf teas require a large infuser with plenty of room for the leaves to expand, while bagged teas can be brewed in a smaller infuser. Second, you need to decide what type of material you want your infuser made of. Stainless steel and silicone are both durable materials that are safe for use with hot water, while plastic infusers can be less durable and may not be safe for use with all types of tea. Finally, you need to decide what type of Infuser you want. The most popular types are the teapot infuser, the travel mug infuser and the hanging infuser.

3. What are the benefits of using a tea infuser?

Tea infusers have a number of benefits. Not only do they make it easy to brew a perfect cup of tea, but they also keep the leaves out of your drink. This means that you can enjoy the full flavour of the tea without any bits getting in the way. Plus, they’re just plain fun! With so many different designs and characters to choose from, you’re sure to find one that you love. Whether you’re looking for a silly tea infuser that will put a smile on your face every morning or a practical one that will make your tea brewing experience easier, we’ve got you covered. So whatever your preference, we’ve got the perfect tea infuser for you!

4. Types of tea infusers?

There are all sorts of tea infusers on the market these days, but which one is right for you? If you’re looking for something fun and silly, we’ve got just the thing. From Heavy Metal Satantic Skull Loose Leaf Tea Infusers to Potentially Funny Poo in a Cup Tea Infusers, we’ve got a variety of tea infusers that will make you laugh. If you’re looking for something a little more cute, check out our Cute Whale Loose Leaf Tea Infuser or our Umbrella, Shark, Ball, Owl or Leaf Loose Leaf Tea Infuser. And for those who want to feel like they’re from another planet, we’ve got the Rocket Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Made by Martians. No matter what your style, we’ve got the perfect tea infuser for you!

5. Funny tea infuser designs

If you’re looking for a tea infuser that doubles as a fun and quirky kitchen accessory, then you’ll love our collection of funny tea infusers. From aliens to skulls, we’ve got a wide variety of designs to choose from. Tea time will never be the same again! Our Heavy Metal Satanic Skull Loose Leaf Tea Infuser is perfect for those who love a good scare, while our Poo in a Cup Tea Infuser is sure to get a laugh from your family and friends. If you’re looking for something a little more cute and cuddly, our Whale Loose Leaf Tea Infuser is perfect. No matter what your taste, we’ve got the perfect funny tea infuser for you!

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

You woke up this morning and your coffee maker has croaked. Despite what it sounds like, this isn’t the start of a modern blues song penned by Blind Grapefruit Jefferson, but it is potentially the start of an awful, dismal day.

Expect the car not to start, a piano to fall out of the sky or to for work to end up as an eight-hour PowerPoint presentation. Before all of that, you must achieve normality and that means you must have the cup of decaf that starts the day. Nothing else will help.

Making decaf coffee without a coffee maker is not an art

Fortunately, whatever Bob the barista at Cost-A-Few-Bucks says, making coffee is nowhere near an artform. It’s hot water over ground coffee, a little brew time and Bob has stopped being your barista and is now your uncle.

Honestly, I can’t believe I have to spoon-feed this to you. When we were out all day on the ranch, we could make coffee using only a primus stove, a length of rubber hose and a homemade moka pot fashioned from a Land Rover carburettor and a ship’s compass. It wasn’t too difficult, but it also wasn’t too nice either, so here’s how to make decent coffee without a coffee maker. You will need a kitchen or a designated area you prepare grub at least.

Sock coffee maker
“In Costa Rica, this type of coffee is colloquially known as “agua de medias” (sock water)”

Using ground decaf coffee

  1. Add ground coffee into a heat-proof measuring jug. 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 250ml cup.
  2. Boil the kettle.
  3. Pour the hot water over the ground decaf coffee as slowly as possible until you reach the amount of coffee you want.
  4. Let it brew for around 3 minutes, then stir and leave for another three minutes. Adjust these timings to your own tastes or how long it is until your train to work leaves.
  5. Pour into a mug through a tea strainer.

Using home-made coffee bags

This sounds a bit Blue Peter, but if it’s a filter coffee make that is broken, you are likely top have some spare coffee filters, an old sock, a used stocking or thick kitchen towel to hand. These can be made quickly into coffee bags with just a single piece of string.

  1. Place 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in the centre of the coffee filter, old sock, used stocking or kitchen towel.
  2. Draw the edges of the filter paper or whatever it is (see above) together to make a bag shape.
  3. Tie a length of string or twine tight around the neck of the bag, leaving one length of the string long enough to hang over the side of the cup.
  4. Boil a kettle.
  5. Place the bag in the cup and pour over the hot water.
  6. Remember to remove anything floating from the mug of coffee if it’s for a guest.